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January 2015 Update
Newsletter iconWe are currently working on getting our website up to date. Emily has been hard at work trying to type everything up so that the most recent information is on! We will be adding our newsletter for this year and also the order form so that you can order your birds for the 2015 year. If you have any questions, either email us or "Like" us on Facebook!
For appointments and ordering: Emily's email:
For poultry questions and information: Scott's email:
Facebook link:
Jan 22 2015 by MainePoultry

2015 Slaughtering Charges
Slaughter Charges icon
Jan 22 2015 by MainePoultry

Spring 2014
Newsletter iconWell spring has finally come, well sort of. We still have plenty of snow on the farm, along with mud, and a lot of it. If you need some of either, please let me know. It has been a long winter, but I guess that is what we all like because it gives us time to catch up with friends, family and well deserved rest. I also gives time to enjoy the bounty of all that hard work during the growing season. Well before you know it you’ll be standing in the cool soil of freshly tilled soil of your garden, enjoying the smell of fresh pine shavings in the barn and oh yes the smell of fresh cut grass, okay now I have just triggered my cabin fever!
This past winter has been extra long for us here at Greaney’s Turkey Farm. As many of you may, or not may know, I was diagnosed with cancer last October. I was diagnosed with Mantle Cell Lymphoma which is a cancer of the blood cells. I have have been receiving treatment from Dana Farber Cancer Center in Boston and the Alfond Cancer Treatment Center in Augusta. First thing and foremost this is a curable cancer, said by the head honchos at Dana Farber. I told them that was good because I have too many people to tease, aggravate, and harass. The treatments are a bit rugged, knocking the energy out of me. Tracy has been with me every step, like a mother “hen.” The plan is to finish up chemo some time in May then Dan Farber said they plan to do a stem cell transplant to complete the process. They said that they have been curing this type of cancer with this treatment for the past 10 years. The down side to this treatment is the risk, during treatment, of respiratory infection from the poultry dust and dander that carry bacteria. Then doc at Dana Farber about had a litter of kittens when we informed him that we own a turkey farm. He said that I need to avoid contact with all poultry for a year, to allow my immunity to build back up. The outpouring of well wishes and visits from friends has been unbelievable. The country folks that have come by to help Tracy, Emily, and Ben with every thing, shoveling off the roof to loading pigs going to slaughter, has been most humbling and very appreciated. The hardest part is just accepting help from friends.
Emily, Ben, and Adam have stepped up to take over the daily farm chores, you just can’t beat farm kids! They (Emily, Ben, and Adam) informed me, “Dad don’t worry we got this, you just be the consultant!” They also told me “things run better when you are making coffee or running after lunch for us.” So Emily will, as she has been doing for the past few years be in charge of scheduling, slaughtering appointments, and running the front part of the slaughter house. Ben will be incharge of the daily farm operations and the kill room of the slaughterhouse, as he has been doing for the past three years. I will be in charge of coffee making and buying lunch for the crew, and other errands as assigned by Emily. Tracy will be in charge of supervising me and my behaviors.
The biggest change just for spring of 2014 only, is that we are not able to sell spring broiler chicks or started pullets because of my treatment schedule and of course the infection risk. We will have baby turkeys for sale in July and August as well as broiler chicks. We are encouraging grower to contact the hatchery directly for their broilers. Just make sure you are buying for an NPIP (National Poultry Improvement Plan) hatchery. This will ensure the parent stock is tested disease free and the hatchery itself is inspected. Our poultry chicks have been supplied from Ridgeway Hatchery in Ohio for the past 15 years. They are easy to deal with and know their business, which they have been doing for over 75 years. There are hatcheries that are a bit cheaper, but .25 to .50 more more a good chick is nothing compared to the cost of losing a full grown bird. Now remember broilers are bred to be slaughtered between six and eight weeks and birds do not do well once the summer heat sets in. I tell people “broilers are like peas, they wilt in the heat.” The rule of thumb around here is “make sure you have your birds in the freezer before the kids get out of school for the summer.” We will be mailing out a reminder card for ordering July and August baby turkeys and broilers the end of May.
Emily’s Plan: 1) Open for custom slaughtering the first Saturday in June (as we
have done for 30 years).
2) Slaughter every Saturday in June as long as there is enough birds
to open.
3) July through Thanksgiving slaughter schedule as usual.
Slaughter charges : Chickens $4/ bird to kill, pluck, and gut
Turkeys : $0.69/ pound dressed weight to kill, pluck, and gut
Also included, because I need my head examined : ice water chilling, split or quartered, bagged and weight sticker for no extra charge
Emily & Ben’s Farm Plan: Raise and sell 800 to 1000 farm fresh turkeys for the
wholesale and retail Thanksgiving Markets
Please if you have any questions about changes or schedules please don't hesitate to give a call evenings til 8:00 pm or e-mailing:
Emily directly at:
Scott (me) directly at:
Tracy directly at:
And, of course, Facebook

Thank you all for your patience and understanding during this time of change
Apr 07 2014 by MainePoultry

2013 Slaughter Charges
Newsletter iconThe charge for slaughter per bird. Read More
Sep 16 2012 by MainePoultry

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