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Welcome to the farm! Learn about us below!

We are a family run farm located in Mercer, Maine

Meet our family!

Scott started the farm in 1983 as a hobby. It has grown since then! He spends most of his time on the farm taking care of the animals
Tracy (also known as the head office) works full time as a nurse. She spends her weekends working around the farm.
Ben and Adam help around the farm. They are the “muscle” behind the work. Ben is currently going to college in Washington County, and comes home on the weekends. Adam is in high school and helps with the daily chores.
Emily helps with the business side of the farm. She works as a full time engineer, but visits on weekends to make sure things are running smoothly.

The Life of a Turkey

In the weeks leading up to the birds arrival, the barn is prepared by cleaning and sanitizing everything. Once dried, a fresh layer of shavings is spread out for the birds.
The birds arrive 24 hours after hatching. They are placed in the pen with food, water, and heat. The first few weeks require constant monitoring to make sure they are comfortable.
As they grow, their pen is expanded to give them more room. They love running from one end of the pen to the other!
Sissy, the guard dog, loves protecting and watching them play!
After a few more weeks, the pen is opened to give them even more room. Outside, they love to look for bugs in the grass!
They are given treats occasionally, like pumpkins right from the farm’s garden.

Also Around the Farm…

We also have a small herd of cows. They graze over the big fields around the farm.
Sometimes we have pigs as a fun project. They are just as spoiled as the turkeys!