About Us

Greaney’s Turkey Farm was established in 1983 in the small town of Mercer. Mercer is located between Skowhegan and Farmington on Main St. The farm is setting on the banks of the Sandy River over looking the Rangeley Mountain area. Locals know the farm as the “Old Nelly Ford Farm” which was part of the Sandy River Settlement listed in the History of Mercer.

The Farm is now owned Scott and Tracy Greaney. This is a truly a “Family Farm” with old fashion values. Their three children Emily, Ben and Adam have taken it on over the past few years, and now operate it. Along with their farming responsibilities both Tracy and Scott work off the farm as registered nurses. Scott works as a psychiatric nurse at Togus VA and Tracy works as a community psychiatric nurse. Prior to starting the farm Scott attended Essex Agricultural and Technical Institute where he studied animal science. In his four years of study, Scott’s focus was poultry science and meat processing. After graduating from that program he went on to receive a degree in Food Science, which included quality control, sanitation and food processing. With their combined educations Scott and Tracy are able to humanly raise and process all natural poultry. They are able to do this by strict preventative health programs, using all natural feeds, humane slaughtering technique and chemical free processing of their birds.

All custom grown poultry is sold fresh or frozen to ensure wholesomeness. Greaney’s also offers broiler chicks and poults (baby turkeys for you city folk) to local back yard and small commercial growers. The centerpiece of the farm is the state licensed poultry slaughter house that Scott and Tracy process for area growers using the techniques that they use when processing their own poultry. Scott and Tracy’s philosophy of doing business is “Be fair” and “Take care of our customers so someone else won’t need to”.